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Welcome to Fuel Youth Division

Fuel is a place to hang out with friends, make some new ones, try new things, and enjoy yourself. It's where you have the freedom to worship God in a very personal way.


Sometimes we can get so caught up with different things in our every day lives that we forget to spend a little time Jesus. There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying busy and getting involved with activities, school, and friends. Fuel is designed to help you put all the stress into perspective.


Jesus came to earth, he died for our sins, and rose again. That is not the end of the story! A long time ago, He poured His spirit on hundreds of people, and they began to speak in different languages. They were filled with Jesus' spirit and we still encounter that spirit every week! You're not alone in this life. It's time to hang out and learn about our truest best friend.


So welcome, and may God bless you.