God’s Choice for You
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school choice hqDo what you love!  Most of us have heard that advice in one form or another.  But, what happens when what you love doing changes many times over the course of a lifetime—or even in any given week or day?  Knowing your God-given purpose is a fantastic anchor.  So, I have a different thought for you to consider:


Do what God has anointed you to do!  


In Scripture, people were anointed with oil to signify God’s blessing or call on their lives.  Anointing was not just for kings and prophets.  People were also anointed to be builders, teachers, and to bring joy and healing.  


Another meaning for the word anointed is "chosen one."  In other words, an anointing is God’s focus for you for a specific cause and time.

So, how do you get an anointing?  Or, how do you know if you already have one?


Spend time with the Shepherd.


Anointing comes originally from a practice of shepherds. They applied oil to sheep’s heads to prevent lice and other insects from burrowing into the sheep's ears.  The lice could eventually reach the brain and kill the sheep. 


The shepherd had anointing oil for all the sheep, but the sheep that weren’t familiar with the shepherd’s voice were driven by instincts to run away from him.  The sheep that were familiar with him received the shepherd’s anointing.  There was trust established.  


God has an anointing for every person, to equip and protect for a specific purpose.  The determining factor is our reception of our Shepherd.  


If you’re already spending this time in relationship with God, be confident that he is anointing you with purpose.  He is protecting you from the insects of the spiritual mind.  You can know that your steps are already being ordered of him.


So, spend time with the Shepherd.  Know his voice and his Word.  Let the anointing that comes from that trusting relationship be life’s guide.  Personal preferences can be helpful.  But, when these are unsteady and changing, an anointing from God can keep us steady.  His choice for us is specific purpose for the present season.



Jackie Pousson    jacci