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Overcoming the struggle to speak boldly.


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Have you ever struggled to get out what you want to say?  You know in your mind what you’re thinking.  You know you have a clear—maybe even a great—message to get across.  But, it just doesn’t come out the way you intend.  

When we stumble over our words or elicit criticism and misunderstanding, it can discourage us from using a very precious gift God has given us:  OUR VOICE.

The voice fills all sorts of purposes.  It provides valuable knowledge to a co-worker.  It warns family members to steer clear until you’ve had that first cup of coffee.  It can antagonize a teenager or offer comic relief in a stressful moment.  

As with all other areas of life, God has designs on your voice. Here are two ways you can use your voice for God with confidence today:

  • Talk to God.

You would think talking to God would come naturally.  But after Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, personal communication with God became the exception, not the rule.  Thankfully, this separation was overcome by the blood of Jesus.  But often, we still need a reminder that the original plan is for us talk to God.  Hebrew 4:16 says, “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace...”  The word “boldly” means communicating with him OUT LOUD—with our voice.  

  • Talk to people.

So, I know what you’re thinking.  It’s one thing to use your voice in private, talking to God and inviting him into your circumstances.  But, what about the stumbling and misunderstanding that can happen when you try to communicate with people, especially in a spiritual manner?

After the Holy Ghost fell in Acts, the men and women who experienced it became witnesses, just like Jesus told them they would (Acts 1:8).  For this to happen, God provided both the opportunity—people began to ask what was going on—and an exciting personal experience to share.  

God has designs on your voice!  And the good news is he will set you up to talk to others about your experiences of Him!  Use your voice with confidence today!




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